Wednesday, January 30, 2008

About Mom's Sweater

I am in the midst of a freak out! Mom's birthday is March 8th. I'm pretty sure we'll be traveling that weekend, my sis wants to have a party in Mom's home town, where all her friends and relatives can attend. Fine. Great. We're even working on a surprise for her with 2 of my cousins. That'll be great fun. BUT. . . . .
I have the pattern, but the yarn is somewhere in route. People I have a MONTH!!!!! How the HELL am I going to knit a coat in a freakin' month????? As you can tell, I'm having the meltdown now, cause I won't have time to later, I'll be too busy knitting.


Sheepish Annie said...

What gets done, gets done. That's always the way, right? Your mom will appreciate the effort and the sweater even if she gets it later than expected.

knitseashore said...

Maybe you can give her the photo in her card and explain, then show her in person your progress. I'm sure being your mom (and not a stranger) she'll understand.

Jeannie said...

you can do it
just knit knit knit!

Who needs sleep.