Friday, September 29, 2006


For all my fellow federal employees - this weekend begins a brand new fiscal year. Hope last year was good for everyone, and this next year brings you all the rewards, health and prosperity that is normally wished at that "other" new year. For those who work in finance, hope this wasn't too brutal of a year end for you, and remember, there's always next year.

Monday, September 25, 2006


Hello all. Sorry I've been gone so long, but it's been really hectic here in the Land of Enchantment lately. Remember these?
Well, guess what? They look like this now:

Yep, my first try, and I got a blue ribbon! I'm little-kid excited! The orange-striped socks didn't win anything, but that's ok, they hold a special place in my heart - and really? The only interesting thing about them is the yarn. There were socks there that had actual cables and ribbing, and patterns and stuff. So, I'm ok with a BLUE RIBBON for my gauntlets! Not too shabby for a first try, even if I do say so myself. The Best-in-show went to a beautiful knitted afghan that one TWO best-in-shows - one for best hand-knit, and one for best afghan. I'm telling you, it was BEAUTIFUL. I was humbled to stand before it - someone put hours and hours into that blanket, and she deserved BOTH those purple rosettes.
So, my weekend was fun and exciting - the family was here and we all went to the State Fair. Wandered around and looked at all the pretty stuff. I'm always amazed by the work of others. Some of that stuff was just fabulous! There was a crocheted sampler with the Lord's Prayer and a picture of Jesus on it. Crocheted in that teeny, tiny cotton that you make teeny, tiny doilies out of. I haven't crocheted in about 10 years because my hands won't work that way anymore, but it was truly inspirational. I always think of myself as a not-professional knitter - kind of self-deprecatingly pooh-poohing what I do. But I was so happy and proud to have won that ribbon - it's probably one of the coolest things I've done. Now, what will I do for next year?. . . . . . . . . . . .

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Week's End

Well, we're back from our wonderful trip. We had to go down south (southern NM) to rally 'round Mom, and testify against the ugly steps. Won't bore you with the details, but I'm really, REALLY glad that it's over.
The good news is, I had LOTS of opportunity to work on the kidlet's socks - heel was completed some time ago, and now I'm working my way up the leg, with increases for the calf. It's actually starting to look like a sock. When I get back to where I can post pictures, I'll post some. But for now, you'll just have to imagine.
I'm going to the State Fair, after all - so I'll learn my fate, as far as how the socks and gauntlets fared. Next weekend, sis, mom, and all the sis's kidlets (and dh) are coming up, and I guess we're all going to the fair. If I can (and if I have a reason to) I'll take pics.
In scary news, my cat has learned to open the bedroom door. It's more than a little frightening to think that I have to take steps to out-smart a 2 lb ball of fur. If she weren't so darn cute, there'd be problems. I'm actually beginning to believe that there is a plan for world domination. Vewy Scawy!!!!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

New Socks

The kidlet's first sock:

That's the bottom (sole) - here's the top (instep):

I'm calling these 'The Water Socks' - I think the Koigu looks like water, don't you? I forget what they called this, or even if it has a name - I was so excited that she actually found a yarn she liked, I didn't even realize it was Koigu until I got home and started working with it. This is KPPPM - and I have to say that I really, really love it! I've worked with KPPM before, and, quite frankly, I could take it or leave it - but this stuff is FANTASTIC!!! It's wonderful to work with, slightly shimmery, and the colorway really looks like ripples in a pond - to me, at least!
They're toe-up (my first) Tabi socks, and will be knee-highs (per kidlet's request). We'll see how close I get to what she imagined, but for now, they look like I'm knitting socks for a cloven-hoofed individual - I most assuredly am not! She has normal toes, just like everyone else, she just likes her flip-flops more than most. So, if I'm very lucky (and slightly good), she'll have socks to wear this winter.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Back to work

And only a few minutes of lunch left. . .
I started and finished one pair of arm warmers. They're the ones from "Weekend Knitting" - fast, easy, and really warm. I also started the kidlet's socks. They've made the journey to work with me, and I'll work on them as I'm waiting for reports to generate.
September always felt like the New Year to me. School starts up again, the weather starts to cool, green chili is being roasted everywhere (WHAT an aroma that is! I LOVE it!!!!!) I never, even when I was a kid, understood why New Year was in the middle. It's the middle of winter, the middle of the school year, the middle of everything. It's cold, nasty, usually wet, and who wants to freeze their bum off just to party??? I'd MUCH rather celebrate the New Year when it makes sense! It's warm, and you can party at the lake, in the woods, or any place else your little heart desires without fear of freezing to death. Summer was never my favorite season, I like fall much better. My grandmother always said "You can only take off so much, but you can always put more on." I like that philosophy. And as I get older, I'm discovering exactly how much I can take off - don't ask. The onset of fall always makes me think of blankets - I love knitting blankets in the winter, when I have a big, warm, fluffy thing on my lap. Summer is for knitting socks, or something equally small - IF I knit at all! Fall is also for knitting sweaters. Sweater patterns I looked at in July and thought "UGH!!!" are now looking quite a bit more appealing - I might even manage to knit one or two before (ok, after) Christmas. OH, and BTW - the sky here in New Mexico turns the most beautiful shade of turquoise in September! I've never seen it this color any other time of the year, or anywhere else. Also, all the tourists go home - at least until the first snow.
Life is good in September.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

More knitting!!!! YAY!!

OK, so the kidlet finally relented and said she'd wear a pair of sock I knit for her - IF -
1) They have a split toe, so she can wear them with her flip-flops.
2) They are her school colors (she finally decided on turquoise & black, but it could have been either silver or white with the turquoise)
3) They're knee-highs that actually fit and don't bind, and go all the way up to her knees.
Do I know how to accept a challenge, or what??
I bought some really pretty Mango Moon yarn at my LYS today, it's kind of a mint green color way and reminds me of really soft house-shoes. I'm either going to make socks or gauntlets, I haven't decided.
I also got some of those "Knit Lite" needles. I got 8's and 11's - I've got a 2-needle arm warmer pattern that I think I'm going to do tonight - with the lights out, and my new needles. It ridiculous how happy it makes me to have new yarn and new needles, and new projects. I let the kidlet talk me into some really pretty variegated yarn at Hobby Lobby - totally acrylic, and totally perfect for knitting arm warmers that can be sold cheap at the Arts & Crafts fairs this fall. I also (with the kidlet's help) found the perfect yarn for her socks, so I'll probably be starting those, tonight, as well. It'll be a combination of these (for the split toe) and this - the perfect sock!!!! Pictures when I have something to show, I promise! You might be asking yourself how I can start so many projects in one evening. Well, let me tell you. Kidlet is obsessed with Nip/Tuck, and the final 3 episodes from last season will be on tonight, starting around 11pm, and she's insistant that I watch. So, I'll be up for a loooooong time tonight, and I might as well be industriously occupied.
OK, I'm off to take a nap - I'll be up late tonight, so I must sleep now.