Friday, March 23, 2007

I'm Back!!

And I haven't killed anyone - although the urge has been mighty! I'm also knitting again, after about a week and a half off. You know life is not good when you have NO DESIRE to knit. I'd look at all the projects, and just think "UGH!" So, I'm back working on opera fichu from VLT. I'm casting off the main portion of the fichu - I need to block it, let it dry, and then do the tie-on portion. But first, a message about the bind off. That word would be YECH! This is such a pain in the arse!!! Here's what the directions said: cast on 2, bind off 5. Sounds easy, right? Oh, no! Here's the reality: Flip your knitting. Cast on 2. Flip your knitting. Move 2 cast-on stitches to left hand needle. Bind off 5. Flip your knitting, etc., etc., etc., What a pain! I'm knitting this thing on Addis (which I love!) but, if I'm not careful with the 2nd flip, all the stitches come off the right-hand needle (the cast ons and the one remaining from the last bind off), then I have to do it again. It's taking me way too long to do this! I'm going to get it done this weekend.
Here's a picture of the half-way bound off fichu:

And here's my attempt at a close-up of the lace. It's not blocked yet, and the lighting did funky stuff to my fingers, but here goes:

The colors are funky, but it's closer to the 2nd one in color, not quite as purple. I'll try to borrow the kidlet's digital camera and take a better pic.
In other news - I ended up buying a new car, with LOTS of help!!! I'm not happy that I had to go into debt again, and I'm completely freaked out about making car payments and huge insurance payments again, but my mini van was becoming a death-trap, and it was becoming a case of throwing good money after bad. The good news is that I finally have my HHR that I've been lusting after for 2 years. It's silver, and it runs so wonderfully, all the parts and pieces work, and it DOESN'T think it's a sail! It handles wonderfully in the wind, which is a HUGE deal, especially this time of year. We've had rain the last couple of days, and my new car has handled it wonderfully. I'm actually quite pleased with it. Since I bought it used, it has some minor things going on - like one of the H's fell off the back, so I'm driving an H R - I'm thinking of trying for one of those vanity plates that says "PUFNSTF" or something similar - is that called making lemonade out of lemons?

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knitseashore said...

The lace is gorgeous. I was getting dizzy reading those directions, but maybe it makes sense when you are actually doing it? :)

Congratulations on your new car. I know how wonderful that must feel, after worrying about each trip out in a dying car, to finally have one that's reliable. Enjoy!