Thursday, March 15, 2007


Stress does not make for good knitting. How do I know? You might ask. From first-hand experience. This has been a horrific week for me. As was last week. I haven't knitted since last weekend, because frankly, I'm too tired and upset to knit. Since I started this as a knitting blog, and not a bitching-post (get it? bitching, not hitching? hahahahahaha!) I have nothing to blog. I did start binding off the opera fichu, a very fussy picot bind-off, so that's going to go very slowly. However, I do like what I've bound off so far, its really pretty, for all its fussy-ness.
Life happens. Stuff happens. Life and stuff will both straighten themselves out, I'll be knitting again soon, and I'll something to post about that doesn't sound like a freaking Greek tragedy.


Sheepish Annie said...

Sorry to hear that things are stressful for you right now. It sounds like it's been affecting pretty much everything for you these days! I hope that it all gets better soon.

And you're right...stuff happens and we do get past it. Take care of yourself.

Bells said...

Oh I hear you. Life sucks sometimes. It's pretty grim when not even knitting helps. I am having a few days like that myself lately. Hang in there.

knitseashore said...

I'm sorry to hear that things are so stressful you can't knit. That is *some* stress. Take care of yourself as best you can, and know that you have friends that support you during this rough time. ((hugs))