Wednesday, August 01, 2007

More on the knitting

I forgot one project in yesterday's update!! One of the women I work with turned up pregnant - I know, go figure, early-to-mid twenties, married, who knew?? Anyway, we had a baby shower for her yesterday, and in the middle of the sockapalooza thing I decided I'd make her something. I went through my stash and found an old Wally World bag that had not only some really nice cotton yarn in it, but a pattern for the yarn as well! All I needed to add was needles. It was one of those patterns that you can tear off the pad in the yarn section at Wally World, free, if you buy the yarn. So, anyway, here's the pattern. As I was blocking it, I realized how cute it really was, although not so practical - 5 buttons up the back, and the crotch is sewn shut. But, I made it for 6-mo, so hopefully she'll be a pro at dressing her boy by then. I had yarn left over, so I knitted 2 little hats, one kind of small, and the other a bit larger. So, hopefully she'll be able to use the hats for a while.
I was knitting on the Argyles last night, and realized how easy they were, and that the pattern was really working out well. I'll try to get a pic tonight, so I can show how the reality works vs the chart. I'm really, really happy with the way it's turning out so far. We'll see when we get to the actual 'sock' part (heels, gussetts, etc.) if I still like it as much.
OK, off to read more of the Argyle sock tutorial - I'm very curious where I'm going next.

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hey deb, you probably don't remember me from Weight Down and chat rooms and Nashville. I was x2grace on yahoo and still am. I remember we all got our picture taken on the steps inside of the Hard Rock Cafe. Remember that? anyway I have recently joined sifted and saw your name there. You have quite a website here. amazing stuff. I learned to crochet from my g'ma when I was a child with the mumps. never learned to knit tho. well, nice to see you're still around. In Him, Nancy (graciegrace)