Friday, September 14, 2007

It's Friday

And it's been a long week, so I'm not stretching for a clever title. Here's a pic of the yarn for the Strikke-Along (so far):

The soft grey will be the background color, the black, red and yellow, the borders. I will complete the order with a really pretty soft teal color. Also in the pic are the Knit Picks needles I needed for the sweater. I have millions and millions of needles, but never have what I need when I start a new project. It's beyond me. I thought there were only a limited number of needles in the universe, but apparently I was wrong! I'm really excited to be starting this! The prayer shawl is almost complete, I'm hoping to finish it this weekend, then I want to start on the Cookie A socks - Rhiannon. I've been so focused on the Prayer Shawl - totally unlike me to only have one project. I need to finish the Butterfly Argyles (and figure out what to do with all the extra yarn I bought for those!!)
I'm in Ravelry as 'debsnm' come find me and add me as your friend - I have so few. I can definitely say that I'm having a great time playing around and exploring Ravelry. Adding my needles became a problem - I have more needles than I know what to do with. Maybe I'll try to do an inventory this weekend and get accurate counts 'n stuff.
Garnstudio has most of their Fall/Winter 2007 stuff up. If you're interested at all in Nordic knits, or looking for something for Julie's Strikke-Along (button on the side bar), or just want to knit something really warm, check them out. Patterns are free, and seem to be pretty easy to follow. I'll let you know about *that* once I start my Strikke-Along sweater!


Sheepish Annie said...

I love the yarns for this project. Great colors!

I just started on Ravelry today. I added two finished projects then decided that the whole thing is just too much work for a Friday. What was I thinking???? This is going to be quite a project.

Caroline said...

I both agree and disagree with you about the Garnstudio patterns. They are easy to follow, at least as long as you have a clue as to what you are doing. At times I've found them a little to brief though, as if they've forgotten to explain things properly. It's never been worse than what I could handle though, so I think you'll manage just fine.

(I'm in the StrikkeAlong too, and now I'm just browsing through other people's blogs to see what they're planning to do.)

Bells said...

Oh I think that's going to be really beautiful. Good colour choices. Looking forward to seeing your work!

knitseashore said...

My sincerest condolences to you and your friend for his wife's illness. I hope that she will have a miracle.

I am knitseashore on ravelry. I haven't been able to log on in a while; too many things going on. But please add me as a friend and I will add you too the next time I'm on. I've put up the FOs, but haven't gotten to stash, much less needles.

Donna Lee said...

What an ambitious project. I have never done stranded color knitting so I am sticking with the socks. I am really looking forward to it,too. I have my yarn, pattern and needles already in a bag waiting for October first. I am counting on everyone to help me learn this new skill!

Mia said...

hey, can you send me an invite to that group along with Sheepie?