Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Today I am a mom

Today, my daughter turns 15!!! She's an awesome kid, and while I'd like to claim some (ok, all) of the credit - I can't. I tried like hell to raise her so she wouldn't spend any part of her life in the Pen, and so far, that's working out pretty good. But she's as sharp as they come, and all the stuff they say about "little pitchers have big ears" (I NEVER understood that!) is absolutely true. I could list all the stuff I've done wrong, and can think of very little I've done right -
she doesn't drink, smoke, do drugs, or any of that other stuff that drives parents right straight up the wall. She mostly does her best to be who she is - one thing I know I taught her - and to stand up for what's right and just, and she just rocks - so, for today, let's salute my kidlet! The one and only thing her father did right! LOL

I'm currently knitting the gauntlets from "Not Just Socks" - I'm using the Lana Grossa Meilenweit Mega Boots Stretch - NOT what the instructions called for, but it's got the most amazing color fade I've ever seen!
Of course, the baby blanket, leg warmers & socks are still on-going. The ADD/OCD won't let me focus on any one project for too long! LOL

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