Saturday, June 24, 2006

Meet The Pets

Today we meet some of my pets.
First is Peanut - she's the youngest and smallest of the cats. Peanut is 3 years old, but is the size of a 6-month old kitten. She was the runt of the litter, and I think they gave her to us too early. She got the name "Peanut" for 2 reasons - our favorite show at the time was "Dead Like Me", and the main character was called "Peanut" by her boss. Secondly, she was so tiny when we got her, she fit in the palm of my hand, and her favorite place to sleep was on my shoulder.
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Peanut does not like the heat. In this pic, she's on the back of a lawn chair in my living room, under the ceiling fan, and between the 2 air conditioners that are running. She usually sleeps in my room - when I got up the other night, she was collapsed in my bathroom floor, begging someone to blow on her, or something, just to create a breeze. She REALLY doesn't like the heat!

Next is Samantha. As much as Peanut hates the heat, Samantha hates to be cold. He can frequently be found in the winter on my bed (heated water bed) under the covers, with only the very tip of his paw sticking out - in case anyone is looking for him.
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Here is Samantha, sleeping peacefully in the heat. When he's happy, Peanut is miserable, and when he's freezing, she's frequently running around the house like a crazy person.

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