Monday, October 23, 2006

New stuff

I spent the weekend knitting. Not anything really new, but I DID get lots & lots done! I finished the 2nd fingerless glove in the loverly yellow & orange stripe yarn from Cascade yarns - and I have enough to make another pair - or something else. Pics once they've been washed & blocked. I've been obsessing about double-knitting ever since I read this article, and last night I did it!!! I followed the instructions in the article (including the cheating part for the caston, I just couldn't do it last night, but I will!!) And, guess what? Turns out all the struggle I've had teaching myself to knit continental has paid off! My feeble mind grasps working with 2 strands of yarn, one in each hand, and I was knitting TWO SOCKS AT THE SAME TIME!!!!!!!!! I freakin LOVE it! Now, when I knit socks for my nephew and his GF, it will take half the time. I'm thinking about trying to do it with gloves/gauntlets. It will have to be a pretty easy pattern, at first - I don't want to completely melt down by trying something tricky like a YO, or K2tog, or anything - I'm trying to pace myself - yeah, like that'll work!
I found a gauntlet pattern on Knitty (LOVE THEM) that I'm going to try - I wanted long, and worsted weight - this is it - I can make them longer, do some short-row shaping for width around the arm, and voila! Toasty warm gauntlets. If I don't completely loose my mind, I'll let you know how it goes.

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