Monday, October 23, 2006


Here all this time I thought I was unloved and unread!!! I just switched to Beta, and blogger showed me all these unmoderated comments - you like me, you really like me!!!! LOL
I'm such a COMPLETE DUMBASS!!! OK, I changed the settings, and now I can actually TELL when someone comments - i'm going to my corner now, i've been a very baaaaaaad blogger.

Those of you who've taken the time to post comments, I thank you so much, please forgive me for being such a dunderhead - i promise to do better in the future!


Sheepish Annie said...

I think bloglines was also conspiring against you. You just showed up on My Feeds with scads of posts that I'd not seen before!

Blogging is challenging! Forgive yourself! Blog on!

debsnm said...

And here I thought it was sooooo easy! LOL - guess not!

Bells said...

Oh I did the same thing the other week. No comments for ages, then I realised I'd changed my settings and there were no fewer than 12 posts waiting in the moderation section. I felt loved again. :-)