Monday, November 20, 2006

I did it!!!

I went exploring today and found the new Village Wools. It's huge, it's gorgeous, and they had BOTH books I've been jonesing. I looked through "Socks, socks, socks" and it's now MINE, MINE, MINE! The extra-added bonus is I found sock patterns for nephew & his gf, so I don't have to send off for the kit - just get my butt down to the afore-mentioned Village Wools or to one of my LYS's in SF. VW also had Victorian Knitting Today, which WILL be mine, but at $30, we'll be a-waitin' for that sweet little purchase - prob after Christmas (since I don't have time to be knitting lace right now, anyways!) So, I'm feeling very happy with my non-progress on my Christmas knitting - I now know WHAT, I just need to find out WITH WHAT. I did my Target (pronounced tar-jay, thank you very much) shopping at lunch, too, so I get to go straight home after work. 'Course, lunch was an hour and a half today (thank goodness for maxi-flex!) so I'll be going home a bit later than usual, but that's ok. There's pizza and quite possibly beer in my future, so I'm a very happy woman. Crampy and Grouchy seem to have left the building for a bit, although Crampy will probably be making a re-appearance (judging by the way I feel right now). I've got ibuprofen to tame that little bugger - he'll be gone soon enough!
I'm feeling very guilty for the picture-lessness of my blog lately, so I took some pics of the lovely pink gloves I'm working on. Here's the glove viewed from the air:

And here's an extreme close-up of the stst portion of the palm:

See?? I DO TOO KNIT!!!! and occasionally take pictures.


Julie said...

Wow, what a pretty cuff! I love how it ruffles around. Can't wait to see the finished product.

Sheepish Annie said...

Yup, you knit and it's mighty purty! Well done.

I have found the ultimate strategy for shutting up Crampy. But it comes with hot flashes and gray hair so it may not work out for everybody. Grouchy is, apparently, not affected by the whole process. Grouchy just hangs out and demands more chips.

debsnm said...

Yeah, Grouchy's uglier cousin Bitchy showed up last night - and I've been visited by the lovely Night Sweats & Hot Flashes Fairy - she just won't take the rest of the bunch with her!