Sunday, November 19, 2006

What's a knitter to do????

OK, here it is, the last Sunday before Thanksgiving. Mom's coming on Weds, and the house is no where NEAR ready for her arrival. The kitchen still needs to be cleaned, dishes need to be washed, floors swept and mopped (although that sweeping part will be particularly hard, since my broom - both of them - was sacrificed to the "that-damn-dog-won't-shit-in-my-floor-again!" gods), living room floor vacuumed, and the general "stuff" picked up. Fortunately, the kidlet is good for some of this stuff. She loves the vacuum, so she'll do that part, and most of the picking up, but I'm stuck with the kitchen, since she has a pathological fear of putting away the dishes, or touching them at all, in any way, other than to use them to eat off of. I know, it's weird, but what's a mom to do? I've found it's best sometimes to realize when you've lost a battle and move on - there will be others, of this I am completely sure.
Rememeber back a few weeks ago, I was spouting off about this wonderful, locally dyed, hand-painted yarn that I'd gotten at my LYS? Sometimes I'm such a dork! It's Claudia hand-paint, and I'm in love with this yarn more than I can possibly say. I'm currently knitting my favorite ruffled gloves with what they've called "Peony", but I think looks like pink peppermint candy ice cream. It's a beautiful shade of pastel pink, with little stripey thinks of bright pink, and every once in a while there's the tiniest burst of the same bright pink. It's soft, and supple, and I think I can feel the lanolin in my fingers (ok, that last is probably just me being super stupid, but this stuff is AMAZINGLY soft!) It's like knitting with a pink cloud. OK, I'm officially the biggest knitting dork, but I don't care.
I've become obsessed with entrelac socks - OK, I've been obsessed with both entrelac and socks for a long time, but I was cruising over at Eunny's blog, and saw the BEAUTIFUL entrelac socks she's been knitting! I'm more than obsessed! I. NEED. THOSE. SOCKS! I've heard rumors they're the ones in "Socks, Socks, Socks", but I need to see an actual copy before I can be sure. I've got a BUNCH of left-over Koigu that I will use, if/when I find the pattern. I'm also loving the pink socks that the Yarn Harlot is knitting, and I think they're in that book, too. SO, the hunt is on! I might just have to order it, without looking at it first, since my local Borders doesn't have it, and I'm not going down town. I might stop at Michael's and look, they sometimes have "older" books, and maybe go to Village Wools tomorrow, to see if they have it. When I'm obsessed, I'm truely obsessed!
Welp, looks like I haven't taken any pics lately - bad me! I'll take some soon, so I have pics to post.
OH, YEAH - The reason for this post!
Not happening yet! I need to get the yarn for all 4 projects, and the patterns for the socks for my nephew & his girlfriend, and then I can start. So, that's the Christmas update. I hope I can knit these as fast as I think I can, or once again, Christmas will be late! Yeah, like that's never happened before!


Sheepish Annie said...

Sounds busy!!!! These holidays just seem to keep coming year after year...what's up with that? I'll never be ready!

debsnm said...

It's amazing how fast they seem to roll around every year - I know Christmas is Dec 25th every stinkin' year, so HOW does it manage to just show up one day???? Hence, my reputation for being up at 2am Christmas morning sewing the last finishing touch on a gift before it gets opened in 3 hours!