Wednesday, November 01, 2006


I have to write something, but danged if I know what to write! I'm still working on THOSE socks - although, I'm on the second one, so it's going along. I've been double-knitting a pair of gauntlets, they're coming along nicely, and I like having both hands working at the same time, even though the 2X2 rib seems to be slowing me down a bit - it hasn't stopped me, and I haven't made any serious mistakes yet - so we're still moving right along.
Still having litter box & cat issues - I may be short one cat by the end of the weekend - he almost met his maker this morning, and if I find cat poop in my chair one more morning, believe me, he won't be around much longer! GRRRRRRRR!
Ok, it's a short post, cause I don't have pics - I just need to take them, that's all!

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Sheepish Annie said...

I struggle mightily with blogging on those days when I have no knitting progress! Those are the days when my ten loyal readers have to hear about my trips to the grocery store or the dentist. Poor loyal readers...

Good luck with the kitty troubles!