Monday, January 08, 2007

Birthday Weekend

Saturday was my birthday. In my family, we celebrate! Mom used to wake us up on our birthday with a huge gift - I remember one year she plopped the biggest comforter I've ever seen on my sleeping form - scared the crap out of me, but it was a terrific surprise. So, Saturday, on my birthday, I awoke to more freaking snow! Only 2 inches or so this time, but seriously! I've really had it.
Kidlet had to work, so I spent the day home "putzing" as we call it in my family. The other thing we do is call and sing "Happy Birthday" so I was serenaded first by my mom, then by my sister and her family. It's wonderful to hear such joyous singing in honor of the day you were born.
After the kidlet got off work, we went out to dinner at Outback, where they proceeded to sing to me, and I got the "Chocolate Thunder from Down Under" for dessert. Strip steak for the meal, it was quite tasty.
This is what I got from the kidlet:

And this (brace yourself!)

I also finished the first glove from the new book "Not Just More Socks" - here is a pic of the beginning of the second one:

It's blurry, and doesn't really show the colors all that well, but let me tell you, there are some AMAZING corals and purples in this yarn. It's Regia, and I'm thinking I need more to make some socks!

Some January 6th trivia - New Mexico became a state Jan 6, 1912 - we'll (the state, not me) be 100 in 5 years.
Jan 6th is also Epiphany. So, not only does my family celebrate this day, the entire state of NM and, yes, all of Christendom celebrates my birthday! YES!!!!!! I AM THE QUEEN!!!!!


Sheepish Annie said...

Happiest of birthdays, Your Majesty! Sounds like you had yourself a great day.

Ellen said...

Happy birthday, Deb! Love the shades!

And how appropriate that all of NM would celebrate with you. It is only fitting.

Hope your whole day was great!