Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Where I Knit

I'm not sure if this is a meme or not, but since Julie over at Samurai Knitter wants to know, here it is: [Drumroll, please]
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On the left, you'll see my Christmas present from my favorite (ok, only, but don't let's be nit-picky)sister, open, in use. The color's not so good, but it's the purple grape Jordana Paige knitter's satchel. Also, there are my knitting glasses, some snackage, my iDog in his case, and on top of the couch are the tissues, because my nose is ALWAYS running. I know, WAY more than you wanted to know, huh? In the picture, but unseen, because they're buried are 2 new knitting magazines (I actually bought Knit 'N' Style, something I swore I'd NEVER do again, but there were 2 coats in there that I. Must. Have. and I forget what the other one is, but it had more fingerless gloves, and something else I. Had. To. Have), and "Victorian Lace Today," from which I'm planning on knitting the full hexagon shawl - be afraid, very afraid! I have asked for the yarn from my mommy for my birthday, and she has ordered it - it should be here any day now. Shimmer from KnitPicks, I think the colorway is Garden - lots of pinks. Oh, and the remote control for the TV is there, too. There you have it, where I knit!


Julie said...

Yay, a photo! Thank you!

Looks very nice and overstuffed and comfy. If that bag suddenly goes missing, I had nothing to do with sneaking into your house and swiping it, no, not me...

Hey, I'd take your stuff out and leave it for you. I'm a courteous theif.

debsnm said...

The more I use that bag, the more I love it - it's like having one of my Gramma's bags, but with all my stuff in it! Right now, it's got 3 projects - 'cause you never know what you might feel like knitting at any given time!