Thursday, January 04, 2007

SNOW!!!!!!!!!!! part deux

I CANNOT FREAKING BELIVE IT!!! People, I live in New Mexico by choice, and for several reasons - see part one of this - one of the most important is, IT'S NOT FREAKING MINNESOTA!!!!! Now, don't get me wrong, I have nothing against Minnesota, Michigan, Wisconsin, or any of those other, northern very cold states. Nothing except the cold and the snow. Both of which we seem to have in abundance. See, in NM, it snows, we enjoy it for a day, then tomorrow the temp goes to 50 or so, and the snow goes away. Nice, neat, clean (ok, maybe not so neat and clean - there is all the mud to contend with), but STILL!!!!!
Someone apparently forgot to tell the weather and "global warming" people - we've got ass-deep snow, and it's not going away!!!!!! I'm sorry if I sound just a touch hysterical - BUT I AM!!!!!!!!!!!
This is for the freaking BIRDS!!! And BTW? If I hear one more freaking bird singing cheerfully? I'm gonna find me some mentos and diet coke and see just exactly WHAT it will do to a gizzard - birds, consider yourself warned!!!!
It started snowing a week ago - Thursday, Dec 28, a day which will live in infamy. It didn't stop until Sunday. And its still cold. I'm talkin' bone-chilling, tongue-on-the-flagpole-freezin' cold! It's down to 15 or below at night, and only gets up to 36 during the day. No, don't say it! I don't care how cold it is where you are - I WANT WARM!!! AND I WANT IT NOW!!!!!
I know, we need the moisture. We need the snow pack. We need the skiers. I'm telling you now - I've HAD IT!!!!! I don't care anymore!!!!
There are no pictures. I hate the snow, and refuse to acknowledge it's presence with pictures. If you need pictures, go here they have lots of pretty snow pictures.
On the up (calmer) side. I had a wonderful Christmas, and lots of great mother-daughter time. My wonderful daughter gave me "Victorian Lace Today" - all the time making me think she'd gotten "Big Girl Knits" - and she gave me "Not Just MORE Socks" - companion piece to my (current) favorite knitting book. I've already started the Button Gloves. I'm also drooling over several shawl patterns in Victorian Knitting, but can't decide which one I want to try - being fairly inexperience at lace knitting, I'm a little freaked at the thought of knitting the shawl I want to knit. I also got (from my sister) the Jordana Paige purple bag. I gave her the new brick-red one. We are stylin' now! I'm in love with my bag - although I still adore the KIPer bags from KnitPicks.
Anyway, I'll quit now - take pictures tonight so I can post a few tomorrow. And try to not freak out about the next storm!

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Sheepish Annie said...

Come to Maine. We're holding at fifty degrees. There is green grass. Yes, there are also singing birds, but they are in keeping with the tropical climate.

This is getting ridiculous!!!

Glad your Christmas was a merry one. Hope that you're able to knit away while the snows fall. I'll be up here in the tropical northeast ironing my tube tops and shorts.