Friday, April 13, 2007


I have been obsessing over this yarn ever since Ellen posted a picture of it in her blog. I want to make the lovely Rhiannon socks out of this yarn, and I figure that it'll take probably 3 skeins, so I wanted 4, just for good measure. Well, I have looked high and low, on the internets and off, all around my LYS's, and the best I could do was ONE skein at $8.95 with $7.95 shipping!! Then, I had a brain storm!! My mom & sister are in San Antonio for the weekend, could it be possible that a yarn shop there has some of the most elusive yarn? I called Mommy-dear, and asked if she'd mind zipping over to the Yarn Barn and seeing if they had it. She called, they did. One problem - Mom doesn't like driving in "Big City" traffic, and my sister didn't want to attempt to find it (even though I'd already gotten the directions, and it was only 6.5 miles from their hotel, but whatever), so, being the ever-so resourceful Mom, she called them back, and they're mailing me their last 2 skeins of wonderful, beautiful, color #145! YAY!!! BUT WAIT!!! It gets better.
I'm reading blogs, looking for new knitting blogs, and run into one that got some really pretty yarn from Carodan Farms, a site I'd looked at several times in the last few days, and they didn't have the Trekking XXL 145. But, today, they had (emphasis on the had) 2 skeins. It's mine now, and NOW I can knit my knee socks (and possibly have enough left over for some wristlets).



Sheepish Annie said...

Now that is a Friday the 13th to remember! Way to bust the stereotype!!

Debby said...

I'm so glad you've found the dream yarn for your socks! What a nice way to celebrate the weekend!

Hope you are having better weather there. :)