Friday, April 13, 2007


I actually have knitting and pictures! Only during the most stressful of times (and there was plenty of that this last winter) or when horribly sick (not so far) do I not knit. The kidlet said that it was probably good that I wasn't knitting during all of the car crisis, as it would probably have turned out very tiny and tight. She's a laugh riot!

OK, picture #1 is the Opera fichu, without ties (to be done this weekend):

Turns out this bad boy was too long to stretch out and take it's picture, so I kind of folded it in half - DP can included for scale.

Next is a lace detail for the Millicent sock:

I think I was too close, and it's totally not blocked (cause I'm not done yet) but this is a most magnificent pattern! If you've always wanted to do knee socks, but were afraid, be afraid no more! CookieA's patterns are awesome! I can't wait to finish this sock, and do the next one!
In other, non-knitting news - it's snowing!! I drove to work today through rain, sleet, snow and fog - just another typical spring day in New Mexico. The kidlet sends me text messages every hour or so that say "Still snowing" - I'm REALLY looking forward to the drive home tonight.

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