Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Back to work

And only a few minutes of lunch left. . .
I started and finished one pair of arm warmers. They're the ones from "Weekend Knitting" - fast, easy, and really warm. I also started the kidlet's socks. They've made the journey to work with me, and I'll work on them as I'm waiting for reports to generate.
September always felt like the New Year to me. School starts up again, the weather starts to cool, green chili is being roasted everywhere (WHAT an aroma that is! I LOVE it!!!!!) I never, even when I was a kid, understood why New Year was in the middle. It's the middle of winter, the middle of the school year, the middle of everything. It's cold, nasty, usually wet, and who wants to freeze their bum off just to party??? I'd MUCH rather celebrate the New Year when it makes sense! It's warm, and you can party at the lake, in the woods, or any place else your little heart desires without fear of freezing to death. Summer was never my favorite season, I like fall much better. My grandmother always said "You can only take off so much, but you can always put more on." I like that philosophy. And as I get older, I'm discovering exactly how much I can take off - don't ask. The onset of fall always makes me think of blankets - I love knitting blankets in the winter, when I have a big, warm, fluffy thing on my lap. Summer is for knitting socks, or something equally small - IF I knit at all! Fall is also for knitting sweaters. Sweater patterns I looked at in July and thought "UGH!!!" are now looking quite a bit more appealing - I might even manage to knit one or two before (ok, after) Christmas. OH, and BTW - the sky here in New Mexico turns the most beautiful shade of turquoise in September! I've never seen it this color any other time of the year, or anywhere else. Also, all the tourists go home - at least until the first snow.
Life is good in September.

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Sheepish Annie said...

September means back to work for me, but I love the cooler temperatures and am always inspired to start a sweater.