Saturday, September 02, 2006

More knitting!!!! YAY!!

OK, so the kidlet finally relented and said she'd wear a pair of sock I knit for her - IF -
1) They have a split toe, so she can wear them with her flip-flops.
2) They are her school colors (she finally decided on turquoise & black, but it could have been either silver or white with the turquoise)
3) They're knee-highs that actually fit and don't bind, and go all the way up to her knees.
Do I know how to accept a challenge, or what??
I bought some really pretty Mango Moon yarn at my LYS today, it's kind of a mint green color way and reminds me of really soft house-shoes. I'm either going to make socks or gauntlets, I haven't decided.
I also got some of those "Knit Lite" needles. I got 8's and 11's - I've got a 2-needle arm warmer pattern that I think I'm going to do tonight - with the lights out, and my new needles. It ridiculous how happy it makes me to have new yarn and new needles, and new projects. I let the kidlet talk me into some really pretty variegated yarn at Hobby Lobby - totally acrylic, and totally perfect for knitting arm warmers that can be sold cheap at the Arts & Crafts fairs this fall. I also (with the kidlet's help) found the perfect yarn for her socks, so I'll probably be starting those, tonight, as well. It'll be a combination of these (for the split toe) and this - the perfect sock!!!! Pictures when I have something to show, I promise! You might be asking yourself how I can start so many projects in one evening. Well, let me tell you. Kidlet is obsessed with Nip/Tuck, and the final 3 episodes from last season will be on tonight, starting around 11pm, and she's insistant that I watch. So, I'll be up for a loooooong time tonight, and I might as well be industriously occupied.
OK, I'm off to take a nap - I'll be up late tonight, so I must sleep now.


Sheepish Annie said...

I was thinking about doing some tabi socks for my mom, but my recent sock ripping event has left me a bit squeamish. I'll get my mojo back soon, I'm sure!! Enjoy the Nipping and Tucking! I'll probably be up for at least some of it...

Bells said...

so what are the Knit Lite needles like? I've been dying to hear someone who has them review them!