Saturday, December 02, 2006

I won't be defeated!!!!!

The Christmas present from hell is coming along nicely, thank you! I've managed to get almost half-way through the first pair of Christmas socks. Turns out I'm not capable of concentrating enough to knit them both on the same needles at the same time, but with 2 sets of double-pointed needles, and knitting a bit of each, I've managed to complete all the way to the heel on one sock, and am partially finished with the heel on the second sock. Depending on the evening's festivities (meaning what time I go to bed) I might actually have a completed pair before the weekend's over. And these are the BIG ones! Apparently my nephew wears size 13 shoes, so I'm doing his socks first - and I think I'm on target with the size. These are quite possibly the largest socks I've ever knit. I'm doing them on size 3's, using this wonderful yarn that's been treated with jojoba & aloe - very nice on the hands! Contrasting heel & toe. The yarn for the sock is turquoise & shades of grey, and the heel and toe are black. For his girlfriend, I'll used the same yarns, but I'm adding some colorwork to the top, sort of like Harlot did. I've already charted the pattern, but I'm thinking of turning it on it's side. It's a contrasting diamond pattern that's wider than it is tall, and I think doing it long-ways might look better on the sock. I've got to go back to my chart and count how many stitches in the pattern - it might not work with the number of stitches in the sock. Hopefully, I'll get to that tomorrow! I'm starting to get excited about Christmas - but the decorating is just not happening! The kidlet insisted we buy a new tree this year - it's all of a foot tall, has battery-operated lights, and nothing under it. I need wrapping paper, I need presents, I need somebody to do me something else for Christmas!!!!
Oh, well - it'll all come together, it always does, even if I am up til 2:30 finishing somebody's present - it wouldn't be Christmas if I wasn't!


Sheepish Annie said...

I make myself the same promises year after year: next time I'll start earlier; no more handknits for the holidays; how much do I really like these people anyway??

Doesn't work. You're right. Something about Christmas wouldn't be the same if I wasn't scrambling at the last minute! :)

Bells said...

I'm so glad my christmas list is limited to just TWO items this year. Admittedly, both ambitious - lace and a pair of socks, neither of which I have done successfully before, so maybe I'm nuts?