Monday, December 18, 2006

We have Socks!!

Another weekend of endless knitting has produced this:

The cutest, tiniest baby socks I think I've ever knitted! Again, from "Not Just Socks" the baby socks pattern in the back. I LOVE self-striping yarn! After you make one sock, just count the stripes, and you have a matching pair. Of course, in this case, I counted rounds, 'cause it was just so tiny and cute. Each sock took almost exactly 4 hours - first one was finished while I watched "Its a Wonderful Life" Sat night. That movie will forever be in my head as "sock knitting".

Here's the whole family:

Daddy, Mommy & baby, all laying on the fan to dry. I'm still positive that nephew's socks are WAY too big, but his mom still says no, so we'll see next week.
I completely freaked out Friday when I realized that Christmas was NEXT FREAKIN WEEK!!!!!!!
I have the MYSTERY GIFT for my sister, and my daughter ever-so-gently reminded me that she wanted fingerless gloves for her favorite teacher, so I have EXTRA, ADDED PRESSURE - cause there just wasn't enough!!!!!!!
It's ok, I'll make it - I've got one more weekend to work on the MYSTERY GIFT, and I can get teacher's gloves done by Thursday - I KNOW I CAN!!!!
I'm going to my corner now, to knit and pull out more hair.

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Sheepish Annie said...

OH, those are just the cutest socks ever!!!

Hang in there...the end is in sight. Soon we'll be back to just regular knitting!