Tuesday, December 05, 2006

We have a Christmas Present!!!!

Or at least part of one - I thought this would never happen, given the inauspicious beginning. Here's the first sock:

The stapler is included for scale - because I'm freaking out about the size. Michael wears a size 13 shoe, apparently - which his mother assures me is really, really, really, really big - that's good, cause this sock is freakin' HUGE!!!! The other sock has as far as the gusset decreases done. Once I finish the toe on this one, then I'll do the other one. Then, I have to do GF's socks, baby's socks & sis's present. Oh, yeah - just freakin LOVE Christmas!!!!!!


Bells said...

You know, I saw that sock and thought, who's it for? the abominable snowman??

It is huge!

Hope it fits. It's fabulous looking, by the way!

debsnm said...

I have NO concept of what a size 13 even looks like - I spend half the time freaking that it'll be too small, and half freaking that it won't be big enough! Oh well!