Thursday, December 07, 2006

One sock down!!

Well, the first sock from hell is done, and I'm working on the foot of the second one. And it's only 17 days til Christmas! And I only have one more adult pair of socks, one pair for baby socks, and one secret gift to do. Yeah, I'll make it - when I GET SNOWED IN SOMEPLACE!!!! This is it, people, the annual Christmas freak out! The socks from hell might have tipped me over the edge early this year, but I'm telling you - those socks are too big for King Kong to wear!!! My dearest sister (mother to intended recipient) assures me that he has HUGE feet. I keep thinking "Nobody but Shaq has feet that big!" I sent her the pic I posted here - and she asked me if that was a "normal" sized stapler. I guess it is - I mean, it's not one of those staplers that you can use to staple a ream of paper together, nor is it one of those mini staplers that are cute, and you can carry them in your pocket. I tried to think of something to use for scale that had meaning to everyone - my glass of water? No, it's pretty big. Same for the coffee cup. There's not a standard size for office calculators, and money is just not going to cut it. So, what to do? I'm going to knit the second sock so it matches the first - if one's big, they'll both be big (at least they'll match - I hope!)
This weekend the kidlet starts her first job. She is (of course) taking the car, so I'll be stranded at home. The house is (relatively) clean (Mom was just here, remember?) so I won't have that hanging over my head - I'm thinking massive knitting. I might get the next pair of socks started! Not done, but started - I'm delusional, but not THAT delusional! I'll have at least all day Saturday, and probably most of Sunday, although there will be laundry to do. So, maybe if I'm a good little knitter, and work really hard in the evenings and this weekend, I'll get all my knitting done.
CRAP! This has disaster written all over it!

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Sheepish Annie said...

I can't even face the whole Christmas thing. I'm not done shopping...I'm not done knitting. It's a train wreck.

But, it only comes once a year and I guess I can take it if everyone else can.

You'll make it. I'm sure of it! I'll think "finishing" thoughts for you.