Thursday, August 31, 2006

OK, I forgive

I tried to post last Saturday, and between blogger and a really slow connection, I didn't get anything posted! So here's part of what I tried to post - I don't remember all of, I was probably unusually brilliant, and blogger couldn't handle all that wit and wisdom, oh well!
here's the tunic I've been knitting on:

It's been banned to its corner until it learns to play nice. I completely frogged it 3 times, and had to rip back 4 inches - I'm a little tired of it for the moment.
Remember this:
And this:

Well, both have been finished, and today I entered them into the State Fair. I've gotten some good feedback from knitters who've seen them in person, so I feel pretty good about how I'll do. BUT, this is my first time entering anything since I was in high school, so I have NO CLUE about how it will go. The fair starts the 8th, and presumably the judging is sometime before then (DUH!) I'm not sure I'm even going, so I guess I'll just have to rely on somebody calling me and saying - DOOD! You won - Yeah, right!
OK, I should actually be working, so that's all for now.

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Sheepish Annie said...

We here at the Sheep household do not tolerate misbehaving knitwear. It is dealt with harshly. Best of luck on your state fair entry...I'm seeing a winner there!!!