Monday, February 05, 2007

How I spend my Day - by Peanut

This is Peanut:

She is the smallest being in my house - she maybe weighs 2 lbs. The perpetually 6-month old kitty. She was the runt, given to us much too young, she never grew very big, even though she was well-fed and MEGA-pampered. You can tell from the pic that she knows EXACTLY who is in charge in my house - and it ain't me!

This is what Peanut did today (photos courtesy of the kidlet, who got home before me).

This is a kitchen drawer that was closed this morning, with a "Warm Delights" and a very sharp butcher knife and a plastic bag added in for good measure.

This is another view of my kitchen, including the drawer with the knife in it. There are 2 more pulled-out drawers, grocery bags on the floor, and a scrunched-up rug to add to the ambience that is now my kitchen.

The dishwasher was closed (but not locked) when we left this morning.

Fortunately, I decided to bring my lace with me today, rather than leaving it on the couch where Peanut could get it - this is one of her favorite yarns, and I've taken it from her many times - she's even swiped it with knitting needles sticking out!

I can only imagine the chaos my little Precious caused today, and the sheer joy of the other pets when kidlet opened the door this afternoon.

One added note:
Peanut is the smallest, but not the youngest animal in my house. I have a Lhasa Apso named Fritzi who is about a year old. Yesterday afternoon, I was watching the Super Bowl and playing Solitaire on my phone, getting ready to go pick the kidlet up from work. All the dogs in my house have crates that they sleep in, and when Fritzi has had enough, she lets everyone know - she's got the weirdest yips! Anyway, she was pitching a fit yesterday, and I wasn't going to let her out because I had to leave in like, 10 minutes. There was this HUGE crash from her crate. I thought she was doing sommer-saults or something. Next thing I notice, she's sitting right in front of me with the biggest grin on her face, and asking me "See what I can do? Aren't I clever?" She was bouncing around, smiling, tail wagging - I swear I could hear her laughing! I went and checked her crate - nothing was broken, the latch was still in the closed position, but the door was standing wide open!
So, between the dog that can open her own crate, and the cat that can open drawers and put knives in them, I'm almost afraid to go to sleep at night!

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