Thursday, August 03, 2006

the rain has stopped

I know, I know - we need the rain, and I do feel ashamed for bitching about it, but REALLY. I live in the DESERT SOUTHWEST for a reason. Ok, lots of reasons, but one of them (a really big one, actually) is the lack of humidity. I HATE HUMIDITY!! I've lived where they have it, and with HUMIDITY comes nasty things. Things like "heat index" and "chill factor" and other things. Like creepy bugs that fly - they shouldn't, but they do. So, it's been humid the last few years days, and I'm tired of feeling wet all the time. No, it's not really all that hot - only about 80-85 or so, and I'm really, really sorry for those back east who are melting. Really. But I live here for a reason. I LIKE single-digit humidity. I can't breathe in 84% humidity, and if it's not raining at 100% humidity, there is something seriously wrong. My rugs in my house feel like I've got a leak somewhere (I checked, I don't) and all my clothes feel like they just came from the washer. It's nasty. And knitting?????? I told my favorite LYS owner that I was not knitting anything larger than a sock until this weather goes away. And I meant it! To wit:

The totally loverly, totally hideous sock!!!! I love the colors, and really, who, but me, would wear orange and red socks?? My mother would say 'no one'. I'm not sure she's completely right, but it's the first sock I've done in about 3 years, and except for the instep decreases, I like it! Oh, and the bucket-o-soda? I forgot how big Panda Express's large is! Enough for me and ALLLLLL my friends. So, if you're sweltering, and need a little pick-me-up, I've got PLENTY o' Dr. Pepper!

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Ellen said...

Personally, I love the sock colors here. I'd wear 'em any day.

The disdain of others notwithstanding...