Tuesday, August 22, 2006

When my mind wanders. . . . .

Sometimes, like when I'm driving, or trying to fall asleep, or watching something really lame on TV, my mind wanders off on it's own. Not a very smart thing to do, but then, given my normal mental state - everyone needs a break every once in a while.
So, here for your amusement are some of the things my mind wonders about -
Mostly the beginnings of things - like who *was* the first knitter? Was it some Egyptian dude that looked at reeds (or bamboo, or whatever) and the cotton plants, and thought "I bet if I sharpened these sticks, and made string out of that white, fluffy stuff, I could make something to wrap my feet in."
Or maybe it was a Scottish dude, watching his sheep, freezing his nether part off, who thought: "I bet I could make something out of that string they get from the sheep's wool and cover my freakin freezin feet."
Can you just imagine some guy with big, callused hands trying to use size 0000 needles to make stockings??? Keeps me laughing for days.
What about mushrooms? Remember, in school when they taught us about fungi? And musrooms are a fungi? And that the good ones we eat and the poisonous ones that kill you look *exactly* the same??? Who gets to test them? And, when he finds the poisonous one, how does everyone else know which one he ate? And, while we're on the subject of mushrooms, who was the lucky guy that got the 'in-between' one (you KNOW which one I mean!)?
And who the HECK decided that Brussels Sprouts was a food?
And who was the first guy to look at a cow, and think, MMMMMM, barbeque!!?????
And who was the bright one that pulled a turnip out of the ground and decided "I think I'll eat that."?
I have more, but I'll stop for now.
Have a great day!


Sheepish Annie said...

I often wonder about the guy who thought it might be a good idea to pickle an egg. And then put them on display in a jar...bleh!!!!!

Bells said...

my favourite thing like this to think about is (and maybe you have to be Australian to get this) who first licked the back of a Cane Toad? You know get high if you lick them? and they're the ugliest things. Who picked one up and thought, gee I'll see what THIS tastes like....????