Saturday, August 12, 2006


After all the last few months, a "surprise" vacation seemed in order, and that's where I've been the last week. Mom came to visit, and it was slow at work, and I needed to take kidlet to register for school, so it all came together at once, and I was able to take a week's vacation. Had a really swell time with Mom - reminding me once again why I don't live with her anymore. Got to do some back-to-school shopping, took my sister to Village Wools, where I bought more sock yarn, and she bought some needles (which turned out to be too short for the project she was starting). Mom's favorite thing to do is go to the movies, and since I've been too broke to go for a while, we went to see Pirates of the Carribean & The Devil Wore Prada.
I also obsessed over the new Vogue Knitting magazine, and after HAUNTING Borders for 3 days, finally found it at Barnes & Noble. I hate being so obsessed, but I HAD to have those sock patterns. Now that I have them, I don't know where to start, but I'm thinking of the toe-up socks (scroll down, bottom left). I got a really pretty yellow & orange colorway that I think will look wonderful with this pattern - besides, I've never knitted toe-up. So, we'll see. I finished the sock from Not Just Socks - they turned out really, really well - even down to matching the stripes - I'm thinking they might be state fair material, but that would mean I can't wear them until after the state fair - can I stand it????
I started another pair of fingerless gloves from Not Just Socks - they're turning out kind of cool - the hand-painted yarn is making some kind of cool designs in the gloves - pics when they're done.
OK, gotta go for now - back to work on Monday.

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Amy Lane said...

Not Just Socks (and the sequel, Not Just More Socks) are the coolest books currently working on The Jughead Hat for my dad's B-Day... yes, if I have to beat my computer until it bleeds, there will be pictures when it's done...