Monday, August 21, 2006

Well, it's finally happened . . . . .

I've gone 'round the bend. Thanks to the shining example of Samurai Knitter I've decided to enter some hand-knit items in the State Fair. No, I haven't gone as wacky as she has - I'm not knitting a sweater on needles too small to see, but I do have some socks that turned out pretty cool, and a pair of gauntlets that I'm pretty proud of, so I thought I'd do a "sock" entry and a "gloves and mittens" entry. I'm so freaked out I can hardly stand it. The very thought of "experts" scrutinizing my work is almost more than I can bear. I don't know when the exact judging will be, but I have Aug 30, 31 or Sept 1 to get my stuff over there. They'll be awarding ribbons, and the "Best in Show" gets a one year membership in the local knitting guild. That could be kinda cool.
So, NM has gone from "the Land of Enchantment" to the Land of Sogginess. It's rained almost every day for the last 3 weeks. We keep getting flash flood warnings and I have a question. After 3 weeks of almost solid rain, when does it stop being a "flash flood" and become a FLOOD???? I mean, you'd think the surprise indicated by the word 'Flash' would have diminished at this point, wouldn't you?
OTN: finished the latest fingerless gloves and have started the lace tunic from Elann. If I could find the pattern on their site, I'd link to it, but they seem to have taken the pattern down. It's knit with their "Endless Summer Collection" Connemara - and apparently Summer is NOT endless. I had to frog it 4 times - the first 3 because I'm apparently hopeless at counting, and the 4th because the sizing was off. When/if they put the pattern back up, I'll link to it.


Sheepish Annie said...

We here in Maine had those torrential downpours last spring. I even missed two days of school due to the flooding! Normally we have "snow days!" "Rain days" are just unheard of so we were all pretty confused. Congrats on your decision to enter the state fair; you'll do great!!!

Julie said...

HAH!! Well done, and good luck! I'm always glad to spread my bad influence around. :)